NEMR Outside Exchange Pricing

Upload/Download Speeds (Mbps)How Fast Is It?Price
30/30 MbpsAwesome for Home or Business$70.00
50/50 MbpsFreakishly Fast!!!$90.00
100/100 MbpsKicking into OMG Speed$145.00
This pricing is for customers that are outside of NEMR's normal service area.



Other Expenses For Customers Outside Our Service Area

Other Expenses 
$500Boring If Needed
$150Installation Fee
$2.50/monthMonthly Inside Wire Maintenance Fee
2-year signed contractRequired Contract For Service
$2.95/monthMonthly Router Maintenance
$10.00/monthStatic IP
$14.95 Install Fee & $3.95/monthSecureIt Plus Antivirus Installation And Service Fee
Prices above are possible expenses that could be incurred by customer but not guaranteed. Make sure to call NEMR at (660) 874-4111 with any questions.